Ride for Life Rodeo

April 27, 2019

KB Horse Camp sponsors the annual Ride for Life Rodeo each April to help raise money for local families who have a child with cancer.

100% of all donations and auction procedes go to putting on the Ride for Life Rodeo for local pediatric cancer patients and to help them pay for medical, travel, etc epenses. KB Horse Camp does not keep any of the money donated or rasied through the Ride for Life Rodeo.

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Every prayer and every penny counts when your child is fighting for his or her life.

Contact KB Horse Camp if you would like to help sponsor the Ride for Life Rodeo.


History of the Ride for Life Rodeo

A few years ago GOD sent a little cowgirl my way that is so cute and such a fighter. Her name is Savannah Dallas. Savannah loves horses, so I knew KB Horse Camp needed to help.

KB Horse Camps Rodeo Team members helped take ponies for pony rides at fund raising event for our local families. We also took the kids to local events and let them enter the horse shows. Sometimes they came to KB for a day camp and just horseing around to forget their worries. We also took the moms out to eat or sent balloons ect. to brighten her day and give her a reason to smile. She needs holding tight threw loosing a child to cancer.

We still do all these things, but we decided it was time to put on their very own rodeo where they are the contestants instead of the spectators. We have food and activities all for free for their families and give them gift cards and other gifts. We also try and raise money for them through donations and a silent and live auction at the Ride for Life Rodeo..

We want the world to know the GOLD ribbon for childhood cancer needs to be as big as pink. This will lead to more funding for a cure and BETTER TREATMENT for our kids.

Log on to KBHorseCamp.com to see the brochure about the ride for life rodeo.



Please download and share the Ride for Life Rodeo brochure below to help raise awareness of childhood cancer and bring us closer to a cure for our children. Click images below to view without a PDF viewer. PDF Version to print.

Ride for Life Rodeo Ride for Life Rodeo -- inside


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